Bringing up loopback interface: failed

Bringing up loopback interface: failed

Post by Judgeston » Wed, 07 May 2003 11:09:52

Just out of curiosity? Can someone help me with this error during boot.  I
was assuming that I had removed the part from my host file and
this may have been causing this, but I went back in and added it back.

It removed it automatically when I reconfigured my network card 3com 905BTX
to a static internal IP.  I then went back to DHCP.  My router has been
giving me trouble lately so I went static to see if that helped.  Ever
since then I get the error after changing back to DHCP.

Please Post And Reply.



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Newbie alert...

I'm running Redhat 7. Eth0 was working fine: I had just ftp'd a bunch of tt
fonts from my windows machine and run a routine off to
install them. Then rebooted per instructions. Came up with eth0
initialization failed, delaying eth0 initialization. Coming from the
wonderful world of Windows, my first impulse was to reinstall the OS, but I
thought maybe I'd try some less drastic measures first. I searched Google
and this group, but found nothing directly relating to my problem. I did
check /var/log/messages, nothing exciting, just the message that is my
subject line. Tried ifconfig - eth0: unknown interface, no such device. If
this has anything to do with it, I had recently run up2date, and installed
the package with the latest packaged kernel, not 2.4, but 2.2.17-14 or
something. Oh, and the fonts _still_ look like crap. :-(

Card is a realtek PCI, 8029 I think. As I mentioned, it worked fine before.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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