Linux Lan Speed

Linux Lan Speed

Post by Simon Croo » Fri, 01 Jun 2001 17:32:29


Can anyone tell me if and how you can change the link speed and duplex
or a ethernet card under RedHat 7.1, I know how this is done of other
unix's such as Digital Unix but is there a similar way to do this with
RedHat 7.1.

Thanks, Simon.


1. FDDI, fiber optic , high speed lan support for LINUX (?)

Has anyone done anything with LINUX and high speed lans?  
That is does LINUX have support for any of the high speed
lan hardware that is currently available and what kind of
experience has anyone had with this stuff?  Please let me
know what hardware seems to work...

My goal is to tie a macinstosh  (running AVID's software,
used for video editting...)  I wish to move video files
between the mac a linux network.

What about support for national semiconductors iso-ethernet 100mbit?

Brian Quandt

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