LILO version 22.5.6 is released

LILO version 22.5.6 is released

Post by johninsd at san dot rr dot co » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 13:50:46

LILO release 22.5.6 is based upon Werner Almesberger's LILO version 21.

Version 22.5.6 is a bugfix update to version 22.5.5

o  Cranky raid installation is fixed; i.e., all spurious error messages are
o  Certain raid1 installations (skewed) now boot properly when a disk fails.
   bug affects releases back to 22.5.

Version 22.5.5 is a minor update to version 22.5.4

o  Improve 'mkrescue' --iso option with 'el-torito-bootable-cd' flag
o  '-M' switch gives option of 'mbr' or 'ext' loaders; latter will boot
   from extended partitions
o  '-A' switch recognizes 'ext' loader, and allows activating extended part.
o  Chain loader begins with memory map from second stage; also can merge
   mapped drives into the drive map; never more than one EBDA drive mapper

Version 22.5.4 is a minor update to version 22.5.3

o  Bugs in caching algorithm fixed.  With no BIOS data check, IDE drives
   are correctly assigned before SCSI drives.  Volume ID check corrected.
o  Compilation option SUSPEND, for optional booting from a suspend
   partition using 'vmdefault='.  This is disabled in the standard release.
o  Updated 'mkrescue' will produce a bootable diskette without a prior
   LILO boot.  Plus '--iso' option will produce a bootable CD image.

Version 22.5.3 is a minor update to version 22.5.2

o  Handle kernels with DEVFS_FS compiled in, but 'devfs' not mounted and
   not supported by the existing /dev directory hierarchy.

Version 22.5.2 is a minor update to version 22.5.1

o  Handles reiser4 filesystem
o  Bugfixes: raid-extra-boot=/dev/XXX where XXX is outside the raid set,
   bootloader get number of hard drives
o  -M switch creates backup files of sectors (-s and -S switches)

Version 22.5.1 is a minor update to version 22.5

o  Writearounds are included for two BIOS bugs which could kill 22.5:
   - Video BIOS destroy's DX register
   - BIOS does not pass boot device code in DL
o  Boot sector backups are handled in a more consistent fashion.
o  Optional configuration file keywords are added:  master-boot, boot-as=,
   raid-extra-boot=mbr, bios-passes-dl= (or -Z switch).

Version 22.5 is a major update to version 22.4.1

o  Booting is based upon industry-standard volume labels (s/n), which are
   translated to BIOS device codes.  Changes in the disk configuration
   which cause the BIOS to assign device codes in a different order should
   be transparent to the user.
o  256-color bitmap boot screens are now supported using VESA video BIOS
   extensions.  Both RGB and RLE encoded  *.bmp  files are supported.

Versions 22.4, 22.3, 22.2, 22.1, 22.0 are major updates to version 21.


Those using version 21 should read 'README.raid1' before installing these
new codes.  There is a compatibility mode (lilo -x mbr-only) for existing
RAID1 installations which are not going to be converted to the Version 22

Source code is available for download from:               (developer's site)

Or from the main distribution site:    (please use)

See the distribution file 'CHANGES' for details of the differences between
22.5.6 and prior releases.

--John Coffman <johninsd at san dot rr dot com>

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