Unable to telnet into Linux box

Unable to telnet into Linux box

Post by S C Rigl » Mon, 11 Feb 2002 23:04:30

Can you verify that port 23 is open on the Linux machine?

netstat -tln

If not then enable telnet in xinetd:

chkconfig telnet on


>Hi Listers,

>This is the second mail on the above subject.
>In my brother's office he has installed PCQLinux(based on RH 7.1) in his

>The system configuration is as follows:

>Pentium 600 Celeron processor, 64 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD and D-Link DE-528
>Ethernet PC card.

>Windows NT server is accessed by  5 clients. In one of the clients having
>PCQ LInux is installed(dual boot)
>The problem is from win 95 clients nobody is able to access the linux box
>telnet. From other win 95 clients he is able to ping the linux box with zero
>packet loss.

>In PCQ Linux firewall is being enabled by default. In PCQ magazine it is
>that it can be disabled by the command lokkit. He has used that command and
>given no firewall.  Firewall is disabling the eth0 by default. So, He has
>also removed ipchains in the system.

>But still he is not able to use Telnet from other Windows clients to access
>this linux box.

>There is no entry in /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny.

>Please help.



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Hi guys!

I just setup a new Red HAt Linux 7.1 box at home and I created a small
network with a crossover cable to my Windows 2000 box. I have assigned
a private address to my Linux box, and  for
my Win box.

I was able to ping both these machines, I was able to telnet my Win
machine but for whatever reason I cannot telnet the linux machine on
any port. I can telent the Linux machine from the linux terminal so
the telnet process is actually working. I know telnet is listening,
httpd is listening and some other port like 22 is open. I even scanned
the linux box and I saw the ports open.
I've tried PUTTY as well, didn't work. When using telnet from Windows,
the message returned was: Connecting to  Could not
open a connection to host on port 23.. Connect failed.

The Windows box is connected to the inernet and has 2 NICs. No routing
service is working.
In short, the only communication between the two boxes is ping at this

Thanks for reading,
hopefully you can give me a hint..


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