Change NIC

Change NIC

Post by Mist » Thu, 19 Dec 2002 01:04:04

Hi, I want to change my network pci card on my pc with RH7.2. I have
insert a new one (3c905cx) but I am in trouble to let linux see it. I
am stopped when I try to add a new card in the network configuration
window. I've seen that /dev/eth0 doesn't exist. Can someone help me ?
Thanks in advance.

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I've experienced this problem on two different systems - a Corel 2.2.16
box and a Redhat 7.1 box. The story is, I had to put the NIC that was in
the Redhat box into another machine so I yanked both D-Link 530TX's out
of the Corel box (I had been thinking about making it a gateway) and
replaced them with a single Intel EtherPro/100b. One D-Link 530TX went
into the Redhat box.

I don't know about the Corel box's boot because it is hidden behing the
graphics, but the system showed that it had found the Intel NIC after
booting. However, even though the network settings for it were correct,
it wasn't working. I had to ifconfig and route it to get it to work and
allow connections through my Internet gateway (another box connected to
a cable modem). Everytime I reboot I have to go through this process.

The redhat box detected the new hardware, installed the drivers and
rebooted but the NIC driver failed to start on boot. Again, I have to
ifconfig and route it to get it to work.

In both cases, once I do the ifconfig and route, the cards work fine. On
the redhat box, I eventually reinstalled linux and it now is able to
start the card on boot.

Why aren't the NIC changes properly handled? And how do I go about
fixing the OS so that it  properly starts the cards on boot? I'm not
interested in doing quick fixes such as adding the iconfig and route
commands to a local init file. I want to fix this "properly" the way the
hardware detect routine should have.

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