RH8: How to change mouse keybinding (sawfish?)

RH8: How to change mouse keybinding (sawfish?)

Post by Da » Fri, 29 Nov 2002 11:01:34

I've installed (clean install) RedHat 8.0.  I'd like to change
the default behavior in which ALT-mouse-button-1 moves a window.
The GIMP uses this to move a selection, but ALT-mouse-button-1
never gets to the GIMP because something else is intercepting
it and treating it as "move the window."  

I'm guessing that this "something else" is sawfish.  But I can't
get to a sawfish configuration utility.  There are sawfish entries
under the main/extras/preferences/sawfish menu (Gnome), but these don't do
anything (I click on them, and nothing comes up).  Is this a bug
with RH8.0?  I've installed RH8 twice (for other reasons) and this
hasn't worked either time.

Also, the command sawfish-ui just gives an error message about not
being able to connect to the display.

So, a few questions:
    1. Are the sawfish configuration entries in the main Gnome menu
       broken, or is it just me?
    2. Should sawfish-ui work from the command line?
    3. Is sawfish where I need to go to make the change I need?  Or
       is it X?
    4. If yes to (3), can I change sawfish behavior without lisp hacking?