Download source for RH Pro?

Download source for RH Pro?

Post by Shrik » Mon, 03 Feb 2003 20:54:12

Is there a site to d'load RH Pro .isos?



Download source for RH Pro?

Post by Oliver Schwabedisse » Tue, 04 Feb 2003 00:15:21

Shrike schrieb am Sonntag, 2. Februar 2003 12:54:

Quote:> Is there a site to d'load RH Pro .isos?

AFAIK there's no difference between RH Personal and RH Pro regarding the CD
images. What RH Pro odders over RH Personal is

- extended support
- printed manual
- CD in credit card format containing admin tools



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1. rh 7.3 kernel source : rpm installed, but no source?

Hello everyone.

After mucking around with KDE in rh7.3, I found it to be too slow,
although I specified the nvidia driver during install. Thinking that I
need the nvidia drivers, I downloaded the two tar.gz files. But I need
the source for the current kernel ( 2.4.18-3 ), which I did not install
during install time.
After installing the source (kernel-2.4.18-3.src.rpm), found that there
was no "linux" directory in /usr/src. Instead, the redhat directory's
SOURCES sub direcotry contained a 2.4.18 source compressed ( I guess it's
the unmodified version ) and a whole lot of patches.

Previously, installing the kernel src rpm would put a directory "redhat"
or "linux" or some such, under which was the full kernel source, as was
used to compile the current kernel. One merely had to compile this one,
without bothering with any patches to get it to "-3" or whatever.

So, what did I miss? where is the patched source of 2.4.18-3 ???


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