help setting up win95/rh7.1 (server) network.

help setting up win95/rh7.1 (server) network.

Post by Jeff Skeit » Mon, 17 Sep 2001 09:57:03

ok, i'm new to linux.  i want to program in php from a windows
environment.  that
means i want to network a lan (a small one! ;-) with a win 95 client and
a linux server.

ok, i installed rh 7.1 (server) no problem.  i chose dhcp so it can auto
detect the win 95 ip.  ok, dhcp is overkill for thiskind of set up, but
i don't know how to configure the ip of the win 95 box so autodetect
will have some value.

ok, on to my current road block.  i can't get the eth0 to work right.
i'ver searched
the net like crazy and i find lots of instructions to network a linux
box as a cable
connection firewall.  i try to follow those instructions but no such

i'm using the gnome network configuration tool...

Under Names:

Hostname: localhost.localdomain (default)
Domain: dbserver (i entered this)

i've read a bit about the hostname and domain.  however, i'm not sure
how it applies
to my 2 box network.  can i just make up any name?

Under Hosts:

IP ; Name ; Nickname ; localhost.localdomain ; localhost ; ; dbserver

again, i'm a bit confused on the name and nickname for my set up.

Under Interfaces

Interface ; IP ; Proto ; atboot ; active
lo ; ; none ; yes ; active
eth0 ; ; bootp (should this be set to DHCP?) ; inactive
my netmask is set to
my broadcast is set to
activate at boot is set to yes.

eth0 was set to active, but when i restarted the network settings it
could not find
figure out the eth0 settings and automatically switched it to inactive.

so, am i missing something small or something pretty big here?

any help is greatly appreciated.


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