Kernel panic: aic7xxx: unrecoverable BRKADRINT

Kernel panic: aic7xxx: unrecoverable BRKADRINT

Post by Mik » Thu, 31 May 2001 04:02:42

I have an old 486 EISA box that I want to use for a firewall/NAT box.
It has an Adaptec 2742T EISA SCSI controller.

During the install I specify aic7xxx as the device driver for the 2742T.
I get the message

Kernel panic: aic7xxx: unrecoverable BRKADRINT

Pervious postings referenced URL:
as a possible fix for the above problem.

This was obsoleted by:

From the information found at:

I went to:
anaconda updates (RHBA-2000-015) installer updates for Red Hat Linux 6.2


From the WEB page above
The updated bootdisk from bug fix is
required to use this update disk.

The boot diskettes shipped with Red Hat Linux 6.2 Intel do not support
anaconda updates. Booting from CDROM will not allow the updates disk
to be used.

I downloaded boot-20000407.img and update-disk-20000419.img
I made the boot and driver disks using rawrite. I can boot from the
boot-20000407.img disk, but when asked to load the driver disk, I insert
the driver disk, press OK and I get

The floppy disk you inserted is
not a valid driver disk for this
release of Red Hat Linux.

Also from the above WEB page:
Follow the instructions in Red Hat Linux Installation Guide to make a
floppy boot disk from one of the following files located at


In addition, you will need to make a floppy disk from:


A pointer to the online documentation is provided in the References
section of this advisory.

(Note: you only need one of the boot images; users installing from
CD will only need boot-20000407.img)

(Note: when creating the update disk image under a Linux-like OS,
do not specify the "bs=1440k" argument to dd since the update disk
image is not an entire floppy in length.)

When booting into the anaconda installation program, type "linux
updates" at the boot prompt, followed by any other installation
options which are required (such as "expert" or "text" or "ks").
The installation process will prompt you to insert the updates
disk when it is required, and the install will then proceed as

I downloaded files from the above, made disks using rawrite and
had the same trouble.

Would Someone please tell me what I am doing wrong.




1. Kernel panic: aic7xxx: unrecoverable BRKADRINT...


I'm trying to install RedHat 6.1 on my Dell XPS-T450 computer.  This machine
has an older Adaptec AHA-2940 PCI SCSI host adapter in it.  Everything works
fine until the aic7xxx module loads.  At that point, the following messages
are displayed and the system hangs.  Been through all of the various setting
in the CMOS and so forth but I don't see any problems.  Here are the

SCSI adapter BIOS version message at boot time:

   Adaptec AHA-2940 BIOS v1.11S

Boot messages:

   Everything looks normal up to here...

   Loading aic7xxx module
   (scsi0) <Adaptec AHA-294X SCSI host adapter> found at PCI 15/0
   (scsi0) Narrow Channel, SCSI ID=7, 16/255 SCBs
   scsi0 : Adaptec AHA274x/284x/294x (EISA/VLB/PCI-Fast SCSI) 5.1.20/3.2.4
          <Adaptec AHA-294X SCSI host adapter>
   scsi : 1 host.
   (scsi0) BRKADRINT error(0x48)
      Sequencer Ram Parity Error
      PCI Error detected
   (scsi0)   SEQADDR=0x17
   Kernel panic: aic7xxx: unrecoverable BRKADRINT.

   In interrupt handler - not syncing

At this point, the system is hung.  I've also seen the BRKADRINT error(0x8).
I think that is just the sequencer RAM parity error and no the PCI error.

This host adapter functions correctly under Windows 98SE so I don't think
that I believe that there is a hardware problem with the card or the basic
setup of the system.

Here's some vital statistics on the machine and OS:

RedHat 6.1 boxed CD (kernel 2.2.12-20)

Dell Dimension XPS-T450, BIOS version A04 (PhoenixBIOS 4.0 release 6.0).
Intel Pentium III 450 MHz.
Diamond Viper 770D 16MB.
12 GB IDE disk, 40 CD-ROM, HP CDWriter 8100.
D-Link DFE-530TX PCI Ethernet controller.
Yamaha DS-XG PCI sound card.
ISA serial port board - 2 16550A UARTs, no parallel port.
3Com/USR PCI winmodem (I'm not expecting to use this under Linux but I
   do use it under Windows for now so I haven't pulled the card).

The additional serial ports are at 0x2F8/irq3 and 0x2E8/irq5.

I've been digging around on the net but I haven't been able to find anything
very helpful.  Any help or advise would be greatly apperciated.

Thanks in advance and best regards to all,

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