Cannot find quota.conf file?! help!

Cannot find quota.conf file?! help!

Post by Aleksander V. Mazlo » Tue, 16 Oct 2001 08:50:54

Hi all,

i tampered around with my /etc/fstab file and installed quota! great.

now, 2-3 weeks later, i am starting to get semi offensive messages from
the quota daemon telling me to erase some of my junk. that happens even
to the accounts that do not have quota limitations imposed on them?!

well, to teach the beast to talk to it's master properly I went to
"re-configure" /etc/quota.conf file only to find out that it's empty. I
[ -s /etc/quota.conf] kind of empty.

Don't know how that is possible, but it happened. Does anyone has a
generic file to email me. I just need a reference on the syntax/key

I tried searching the web, and came out with bupkas.



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