Please help getting Lexmark Z43 printer to work with RH 9

Please help getting Lexmark Z43 printer to work with RH 9

Post by Me » Wed, 02 Apr 2003 10:20:08

I used RH's printer configuration tool (printtool) to config
the printer.  Everything seemed to go fine without any problems
(i.e. no error messages).  However, I still can't print.  When
I printed, from Mozilla for example, I didn't get any messages
informing me of any problems, but nothing was printed.

Anyone knows what is missing?  Please help with as much detail as
possible please.  I am new with RH.  The only thing in my
/etc/printcap is "Lexmark:".

Thank you.


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I have a Lexmark Z43 Printer but cannot find any Linux drivers for it.
I've been to the Lexmark site and they have Linux drivers for some of
their other printers but not this one.

Does anyone have any suggestions for somewhere I might find a driver for
this printer or an alternate driver I might use. Alternatively, can
someone point me at info on how to write a driver.

Many thanks,

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