fixing xterm error: Can't open display

fixing xterm error: Can't open display

Post by uml » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 08:26:26

Trying to open an xterm display in redhat v. 9 from a solaris 8
server. Even with xhost +, there's a 'Can't open display" error.
Xterm works fine from the same server to another Sun right next to it.
 If I boot the machine running readhat to windows instead and use
WebtermX it also works fine.  The web connections under redhat are all
otherwise okay.  Any hints on what could be the problem?



1. Ytree Error opening terminal: xterm.Error opening terminal: xterm.

I installed ytree and got this error message:
Error opening terminal: xterm. Any idea's? The default installation is
linux, with nurses dependency (which I have). I modified the ytree.conf,
then copied it to both /root & /home directories. It failed to run in both
X and shell envirnments, with the same error message. I tried several
global TERM=bla...bla.. with no help.

I still use Xtree under dos and having ytree working would be a great
tool for my limited CLI skills.


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