lpd error

lpd error

Post by phre » Sat, 17 Nov 2001 17:51:49

I am having trouble starting my lpd server on a redhat 7.1 machine,
heavily updated with rawhide updates

when I try starting the lpd server I get the following message

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/sbin/printtool", line 7, in ?
    import printconf_gui
  File "/usr/share/printconf/util/printconf_gui.py", line 40, in ?
    from printconf_conf import *
  File "/usr/share/printconf/util/printconf_conf.py", line 81, in ?
    from xml.utils import qp_xml
ImportError: No module named utils

I have no idea what this means and how to fix it, can someone help me
out here, is there a package I am missing, or am i doing something
wrong - I could remove the line from the config file but i am
unwilling to do this yet and I don't know whether it is needed for the
printer to work properly




1. rlp and lpd error

I setup lpd on my OS5 to serve my 4.2 machine. Everytnihg seems to be
setup properly, /etc/printcap files OK, hosts.lpd and hosts.equiv on
both computers (I read all the directions)

The 4.2 computer gives me a request id for my print job and creates
.seq, cf*, df*, lock and status files in the /usr/spool/lpd/printer
directory but it doesn't print to the OS5 computer.

When I run rlpstat printer it says waiting for queue to be enabled on
OS5_server_name. I can run rlogin or rcmd and connect to the OS5_server
without any trouble.

Can anyone help me trouble shoot this problem.

Mike Dean

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