RH7.0 EISA HP100vg card help

RH7.0 EISA HP100vg card help

Post by Gus Ferott » Sat, 13 Jan 2001 06:42:42

I am unable to get RH7 to initialize an EISA HP100vg card using the hp100
module.  Any help would greatly appreciated.

1. EISA TLAN driver ?? (Compaq EISA NetFlex Card)

all --

I have just finished cobbling together an old
Compaq ProSignia 5/60 server with RH 5.2

The last thing I would like to get working is
the EISA NetFlex card ( has a tlan chip ).

The tlan.c driver distributed with RH only supports
PCI cards and my net-search did not find an EISA driver.

Anybody know of an EISA version of the tlan driver ?

I would sure like to remove the $2.50 ISA Lance
card now installed ( though it does seem to work
fine -- it would be nice to have an all-eisa box ;-)

Thanks !

-- kjh


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