Gnome-terminal and wtmp

Gnome-terminal and wtmp

Post by Jaso » Sat, 21 Dec 2002 05:10:40

Anyone having a problem with gnome-terminal writing to /var/log/wtmp, while
using RH 8.0? Another words, finger/who (who -uH) does not show the existence
of a login when gnome-terminal is used.

The limited research I have done into this problem, points me to
gnome-pty-helper as the possible culprit.
-rwsr-sr-x    1 root     utmp

Like I said, I haven't done too much looking into the problem right
now....was hoping anyone had the same problem and knew of a quick fix.

Thanks in advance to any help,



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Hi there,

I have this strange problem on several redhat8.0 machines.
If I loged into gnome and just click logout, there is no response.
After I clicked gnome terminal, the terminal showed up and so the logout
 out dialog box.
Very strange and don't know why?
Anybody help ?
thank you very much.


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