iODBC config not updating odbc.ini ot odbcinst.ini

iODBC config not updating odbc.ini ot odbcinst.ini

Post by jim brow » Thu, 09 Jan 2003 07:29:17

After severl weeks of tying to access MySQL from C++ with ODBC,
I now downloaded libiodbc-3.0.6.tar.gz.tar built and installed it.
This went very smoothly.

I ran iodbcadm-gtk and added a driver but when I look at /etc/odbcinst.ini
and /etc/odbc.ini they are not changed.
I expected the new drive to be there.

Any advice?


1. Where to place .odbc.ini for apache

I have a perl CGI script that works from the command line with .odbc.ini in
my $HOME directory. It doesn't run through apache even though I have the same
odbc.ini in ~apache (as well as the webserver's root). The webserver is
running as user 'apache' and so are my CGI scripts. When I get a CGI to
output $ENV{'HOME'} I see nothing -- even though I can login as user 'apache'

and I see $HOME is /export/home/apache. (It shows the correct $ENV{'HOME'}
me when I run the CGI from the command line).

Where is the .odbc.ini to be placed?


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