Co-existing with VFAT and NTFS

1. mishaps with co-existing OSs (Linux and Dos Partitions)

well my friends, i recently have had the worst experience in my
conmputing life (YET!!).
this is how it went:
my mind was tormented cause of this statistics test i had to take that
night. but i didnt study!! (i spend all that time trying to connect my
linux box to the net). i was just about to print the "Mail-HOWTO" on my
old battered Epson lx-810 (doont laugh, please! :o), when the image of me
failing the test miserably struck my mind. but, i continued issuing the
command, the this is that i accidentally typed:
        cat Mail-HOWTO > /dev/hd1
instead of:
        cat Mail-HOWTO > /dev/lp2 !!!!!!!!!!
any guesses on what happened?
well, 'cat' wrote to the DOS (Win95) partition, but i wrote over the
all my DAMN information on that partition was lost!!!!~ FOREVER!!!!
i had to repartition-reformat.
i just started at the screen ...i wanted to bang my head against it, but
didnt :o)

let that be a lesson for all of yoiu out there:
-study for yer tests with time
-dont have 2 OSses coexisting
-or don use a computer at all!!

anyone with less patience than me would have probably committed suicied!!
:o) (j/k)

if anyone has any comments, similar mishaps or simply wants to insult me,
feel free to email me at:

Wilser Ramirez NG

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