RH 7.2: mkbootdisk fails, "No space left on device"

RH 7.2: mkbootdisk fails, "No space left on device"

Post by Tom Parri » Mon, 14 Jan 2002 14:31:01

Dear group:

I've just installed a RH 7.2 on a new system.  However, when I run
mkbootdisk, I get the error:

    gzip: stdout: No space left on device

I'm guessing this is because my kernel + drivers is too big to fit on a
floppy.  (I'm using software RAID 5 on SCSI disks). Does anyone have any
suggestions for how I can:

    a) get mkbootdisk to work, or,
    b) generate a bootable CD-ROM?

Many thanks in advance,


RH 7.2: mkbootdisk fails, "No space left on device"

Post by James Knot » Mon, 14 Jan 2002 22:35:52

> I'm guessing this is because my kernel + drivers is too big to fit on
> a floppy.??(I'm?using?software?RAID?5?on?SCSI?disks).?Does?anyone?have
> any suggestions for how I can:

> a)?get?mkbootdisk?to?work,?or,
> b)?generate?a?bootable?CD-ROM?

Another way to create a bootable floppy, is to use dd to copy the image
to the diskette.  Might that also work with a CD?  Another possibility,
would be to copy the necessary directories of a working system, to the
CD, with appropriate changes to fstab.




1. RH 5.2, wmconfig, "No space left on device"

I've been having a problem that is driving me crazy and  I know the
problem has got to be an easy fix.  What that is eludes me.

I have X configured on my notebook and have been using it successfully
for some time.  I recently added all of the extra RPMs for the various X
utilitiles and toys.  Since then root can still use X but my regular
user account can't.  If I log in as a regular user and startx, The
cross-hatch backgroup starts, the "X" cursor appears, then that's it  I
can get a menu of "Builtin Menu" and "Exit FVWM" and nothing else.  If I
do this under root, everything works fine.

I checked the file .FVWM2-errors and find:

/etc/X11/AnotherLevel/fvwm2rc.menus.m4:71: m4: ERROR: Copying inserted
file: No space left on device

I tracked down the problem to wmconfig and it appears to be
straightforward enough:  there are a ton of packages in the
/etc/X11/wmconfig directory and the script fvwm2rc.menus.m4 fails while
processing the contents of it.   In short it appears that root can get
as much disk/memory or whatever it needs to process everything but a
non-privileged user can't.

The man page for wmconfig isn't helpful solving this problem    I found
references to the root -vs- user problem in DejaNews but the solutions
offered don't solve this one.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this, other than removing a
number of the packages?

Thanks in advance...


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