no more MTRRs, compaq proliant 5500, RH 7.2

no more MTRRs, compaq proliant 5500, RH 7.2

Post by News serve » Thu, 06 Jun 2002 04:54:09

Anyone know a soln. to the problem with mtrrs on the proliants? I have a
machine with 4x450mhz PIIs, system config is set to Linux and RH7.2 is
installed. I have 640mb ram.

During boot I get the following messages in /var/log/messages:

mtrr: your CPUs had inconsistent fixed MTRR settings
mtrr: probably your bios does not setup all CPUs

and later I see:

mtrr: no more MTRRs available

Periodically the system will reboot. The only message I frequently find
around the time of the reboot is "no more MTRRs available".




1. Compaq Proliant 5500 keeps rebooting RH 7.1

Anyone had problems with RH7.1 rebooting?

All I have to do is start the machine and leave it running and it will
periodically reboot. I do not even have to be using it.

Configuration: 4x450mhz CPUs, 640meg, 2x9.1GB, 4x4GB hotswap drives. Compaq

Redhat 7.1, kernel 2.4.2-2.

Cannot see anything specific in the logs that might indicate why this keeps
happening. I see messages relating to not having enough MTRRs and rpc
gethostbyname failing and thats about all. This happens with or without the
network connection being up.

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