Recommendation for Quick Fix of RH9 menu edit snafu

Recommendation for Quick Fix of RH9 menu edit snafu

Post by Baudelai » Sun, 20 Apr 2003 08:28:36

I installed RH9 several days ago, and spent the usual three or four
day period ironing out wrinkles.  On the whole I've been pleased...
especially with the smooth way that shrike handled transitions to/from
kde and gnome desktops but this  morning I set down to the task of
setting up my own menus.  Yikes!  Now I see how RH managed to achieve
an identical interface in both kde and gnome, but unfortunately I
really do need to customize menus... even if it requires an either/or
choice between kde and gnome.  One obvious approach would be to
download the latest kde* or gnome* tarballs and install them on top of
the redhat root filesystem, but I have a strange feeling that this
will break a lot of system configuration tools.   I'm guessing that I
could minimize the damage by selecting gnome as opposed to kde, but I
still anticipate problems. Any suggestions from someone who's already
tackled this problem... perhaps with RH8.

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Using, Mandrake and KDE2:

When I edit my menus in MenuDrake (which has its own issues) I lose all the
items in KDE Control Center (menus, etc.)  Control Center launches, but
there is just a blank white area where the various choices used to be (look
n feel, etc).

I've recreated this twice now.  I have to full reinstall to fix it as I
found no way to install just the control center.

Anyone else with this problem, or have any ideas?

Dante D'Elia

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