NIS implementaion?

NIS implementaion?

Post by Jonathan Hor » Sun, 26 May 2002 07:03:29

today i begin my NIS research.

on my home network, i have 8 linux boxes.  1 workstation and 7
servers. (backwards? hehe).  i have recently migrated from a win2k AD
domain, and now im to a point where i would like to start using NIS.

from what in understand, NIS allows a group of linux boxes to all
share a common set of user accounts and passwords.

now, my network is not quite a normal one, as its designed to mainly
support lanparties (and its rackmount, completely mobile, etc).
currently, 2 of my servers that i want to use in the NIS domain, do
not leave the house.  1 is my sendmail server, and the other is what i
use as my authentication gateway (via ssh, then i jump to what ever
machine i need to get on, etc).  well, then again, i probably would
not use that auth box in the NIS, since i have some outside accounts
on it that i dont want on my local network (that box is also on a DMZ
to keep them out of my ftp, etc).   here is a pic if you care, the
rack on the right is the mobile part

so, that in mind, if i set up NIS, of which the NIS server would be in
the mobile rackmount section, what would happen to the mail server on
days when the mobiles are not at home?  would it still function

as i am now, all of my linux boxes forward root's mail over to root on
my sendmail server, which in turn dumps them all to my mbox, so i can
keep and eye on all my logs.  so, the function of sendmail receiving
mail from many different roots are something im wanting to plan for,
if its even an issue.

so, now as i post this message, im off to dig up every NIS howto and
book i can find, and i would love to hear from anyone with a
dissertation on how to design and implement NIS into a non-NIS linux
network.  and since i have a nice long weekend (that i happen to have
drawn *on call status*), ill have lots of time to read linux instead
of going camping and boating.