Proxy Client for M$ Proxy server

Proxy Client for M$ Proxy server

Post by Henry Ma » Sun, 09 Jun 2002 00:27:49

Is there a proxy client that will allow me to connect to the internet
using our M$ proxy server. I must authenticate before I can use the
proxy server. I am stumped on this one and with the addition od
StarOffice 6.0 it is the last stumbling block in the way of removing
M$ Windoze 2000 from my workstation. I have been able to figure out
everthing else. One of you guys has got to know how to do this.

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for a unix ftp client that works through MS proxies, even with NTLM
authentication, go to this link...
on the link above, 'curl' and 'lftp' seem to be teh best two i've ever
used, but be warned that curl will require openssl libraries as well
as zlib libraries.

you might also get errors with or something such as this... fatal
    No such file or directory
if you get this kiind of error, then search for my
explanation on this kind of Nasty error which has fooled/beaten many a

for NTLM authentication (MS Proxy Firewall or MS ISA Firewall), get on and look for 'NTLM Proxy Authentication' and then
find a program called (i think the program is called 'aps' it's
written by Dmitry Rozmanov) download it and configure it for your MS
Proxy/ISA Firewall. it might require the python intepreter, download
the python intepreter if you DON'T already have it. be patient,
everything will eventually work for you once you've read all the
Moses Motlhale - Solutions Architect
24th Century Solutions, South Africa.

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