anyone got kde 3.0 (alpha) working on rh7.2 yet?

anyone got kde 3.0 (alpha) working on rh7.2 yet?

Post by Q » Mon, 05 Nov 2001 10:49:23

I have been trying to get kde 3.0 alpha running on my rh 7.2 system
recently.  I tried downloading the source and compiling it but I had some
errors in compiling so I gave up but then I found some rpms (daily builds
from cvs) at:

I downloaded all the qt 3.0.1 and kde 3.0 rpms, and I did an update with
--nodeps and --force, but when I boot to the kde login manager it doesn't
even come up, and if I boot to the gnome login manager and login to kde, it
takes a long time to pass the "loading" screen and when it finally does it
locks the entire system up.

The main reason I am trying to upgrade is that there are things in the
current kdevelop and konquerer that very much annoy me in the current 2.2.1
version (I used the rpms off of the kde site for rh7.2 beta to upgrade from
2.2 to 2.2.1).  When I was installing from source I was able to get the new
konquerer up and running, and they fixed a couple of the things that really
annoyed me.  However I couldn't get a lot of other stuff to work or compile.

If anyone has gotten this to work can you offer instructions or any other
special notes on how you got it to work?