Netscape mail notification tool with IMAP on Redhat

Netscape mail notification tool with IMAP on Redhat

Post by K. K. T » Tue, 15 Jan 2002 19:08:47

I have a Redhat 7.1 Linux system running with IMAP (IMAP4rev1
2000.283rh) and POP that come with the Redhat distribution.  I have no
problem to authenticate to this IMAP server with netcape messenger
(netscape communicator 4.79 on W2K) yet I cannot authenticate with the
Netscape Communicator Utilities (Netscape Mail Notification).  The
symptom would be that it always prompts for user password and cannot

As I compare the /var/log/maillog of the server, I observe the
following differences for authentication in the 2 cases.

Normal IMAP login:

Jan 14 17:29:45 Linux imapd[385]: imap service init from <IP address>
Jan 14 17:29:48 Linux imapd[385]: Authenticated user=<username>
host=hostname [I
P address]

Login via Netscape Mail Notification tool:

Jan 14 17:33:30 Linux imapd[390]: imap service init from <IP address>
Jan 14 17:33:37 Linux imapd[390]: Login user=<username> host=hostname
[IP addres
Jan 14 17:33:37 Linux imapd[390]: Logout user=<username> host=hostname
[IP addre
Jan 14 17:33:37 Linux imapd[392]: imap service init from <IP address>

The authentication scheme in my system is PAM.  With the normal IMAP
login, i.e., click the messenger icon inside navigator, I have no
problem to get the new mail notification icon on the tool bar.  For
POP, I have no problem to authenticate on both cases, normal login and
netscape mail notification.

I wonder if anyone has some ideas or workarounds on this problem.

Thanks in advance.


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