Linux freezes at shut down

Linux freezes at shut down

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I posted this message some time ago, but did not get any reply.  Maybe
it was lost in the ether or something so I thought I would post it
again.  My problem has developed over the course of past  month or so.
It wasn't like this all the time.  Problem:

1.  When trying to shut down my system, it hangs.  Mostly it's on
shutting down my network card which is Intel 10Mb/sec PCI ethernet card

Sometimes it shuts down all the way but mostly it hangs.  And I don't
mean I'm impatient.   It can stay for an hour and still would not shut
down.  So besides the obvious (replace the network card), is there
anything else I should look at before I toss that card?

Many thanks.



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1. RH 6.1 freezing when "shutting down interface eth0"

I have RH 6.1 running on a Pentium Pro 180, with a 3Com Etherlink XL NIC.
Everything is OK except when shutting down it freezes on "shutting down
interface eth0", even though no problems are reported on startup when
starting eth0.

I noticed that the PCMCIA service is started after eth0, and since this is a
desktop PC (no PCMCIA) I thought this might cause the problem. When I
checked in etc/sysconfig/pcmcia the PCMCIA parameter is "NO".

Therefore, my questions:

- what could be causing the freeze when "shutting down interface eth0" ?
- could it be the PCMCIA service starting after eth0 ?
- if so, why is the PCMCIA service begin started even if PCMCIA=NO in
etc/sysconfig/pcmcia ? How can I disable the PCMCIA service ?


Kevin McBrearty
ATG Automation Technologies Group Ltd.

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