recompiled kernel, the new kernel does not boot

recompiled kernel, the new kernel does not boot

Post by asube » Wed, 26 Feb 2003 15:35:37


I needed my linux box to act as a Novell client so, after a lot of
reading (IPX-HOWTO, etc.), I figured out that I had to recompile my
kernel with IPX and NCPFS built into it. I read the KERNEL-HOWTO and
the "customizing kernel" (in the RedHat docs.) and followed all the
instructions that was written in RedHat one. There was no error. The
grub had the entry of the new kernel. But when I restarted my machine
and chose to load the new kerenel, it stopped just before where the
usual message "Welcome to Red Hat linux..." would have been. Can
anyone point me where I could have been wrong? Thank you.


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I have two linux machines: one is an IDE system and the other is SCSI.

On the IDE machine, I have just upgraded from Kernel 1.2.11 to 1.2.13.
I got a new kernel source and renamed the old kernel directory tree to
something like linux.old. then I went through the entire proceedure:

make config
make dep
make clean
make zImage

after the compile I did :

cd /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot
rdev -R zImage 1
rdev -v zImage -1
rdev zImage /dev/hda2
fdformat /dev/fd0H1440
cat zImage > /dev/fd0H1440

Everything *seemed* to work fine. BUT when I tried to boot off of the
hard disk and not the floppy, it clearly came up with Kernel 1.2.11,
which was the old one. When I booted from the floppy, it came up with
kernel 1.2.13, which was the new one .

There must be an additional step to set LILO to boot from the new
kernel, but I can find nothing about it in the documentation.

Also, with my SCSI machine, I have loaded linux for the first time. I
went through the whole proceedure and recompiled the kernel just as
above, with my other machine.

The problem is that when I boot up the system goes into AUTOPROBE. It
taked about 7 minutes for this to complete before the system fully
boots. I went through the recompile process again and was very careful
to NOT include the following step which looked suspicious to me:
"Probe all LUNs on each SCSI device".

I can boot from the hard disk without this happening. I am now
suspicious that I am not really booting from the recompiled kernel.

Please help

thank you


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