Thought: KMail Hook To Exchange Server 2000

Thought: KMail Hook To Exchange Server 2000

Post by Google Mi » Sat, 08 Mar 2003 12:22:32

I'm a VB/C#/Java developer in the W2K world, now an RH8 convert and an
avid manual reader.

Besides the obvious technique of auto-forwarding, or paying for Ximian
Connector, what's the fastest programming technique that one can build
so that KMail in RH8 can access their Exchange inbox for at least
email messages?

One technique I thought about was to write a W2K service that polls my
inbox and downloads the emails to a W2K hard drive as a Maildir
Mailbox. Then, if that directory were mounted in Samba (smbmount
command on Linux), KMail could connect to that mail directory as one
of the options it has. The W2K service could then delete messages
older than 4 days both out of the Exchange inbox and out of the
Maildir directory. To get into my inbox, I could use CDO2K.

'Sounds like a lot of programmer hours. Got a faster technique?


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