HELP! IBM PC Server 300 Linux Conversion

HELP! IBM PC Server 300 Linux Conversion

Post by Green Knigh » Sat, 29 Jun 2002 00:34:05

>  I'm guessing that it wold be a tough road to hoe, with some required
>changes for the EISA box, like backsteps to ISA cards.  I have an old
>EISA box, what you have may be newer.

>  You do know how valuable time is, right?  No, really.


I just hobyying around with this ... (is that the theme from Sanford
and Sons playing in the background??? LOL) ... I love to tinker with
castaway computers and want to put up this box on my home net as a
Linux file server.  It only cost me $4 to buy so there's hardly any
investment except in time.  I use my time on it as rest&recreation
(R&R) from my real job.

Thanks for the info and help!!




1. HELP! IBM PC Server 300 Linux Conversion

I'm running pretty similar hardware:

IBM pc Server 320 Dual P133 6 EISA/ISA 3 PCI
70Meg RAM (Don't ask me how)
Adaptec 2940 SCSI Controller.
Seagate 20GB SCSI
3com PCI NIC

I have never been able to get this thing to boot with Any IDE drives, So
maybe the IDE CDROM is a problem. I love the box, but it is quite quirky,
especially because of the EISA.

I also was never able to install Windows on it, cause Windows doesn't have
drivers for the Adaptec SCSI controller. I'm not really too upset over not
being able to use windows though. But as I remember it was similar, that
the Windows startup would start loading then choke cause it couldn't access
the SCSI CDR it was booted on.

I run Debian on it, I can't say it's the best for you, but it is the best
for me. The biggest thing is having a SCSI controller that is supported,
I've never had a problem with the Adaptec, but it's a pretty popular one.

But it sounds like you might be having a similar problem because you're
using IDE and SCSI. I know I've never been able to do anything with this
when an IDE was in it, I never tried it with only IDE, it might work.

If that's the case, then you'll either need to get a SCSI CDR or do a
floppy install, which isn't too painful with Debian.


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