RedHat Linux 7.2 - lost all kernel log.

RedHat Linux 7.2 - lost all kernel log.

Post by Lam Hoa » Fri, 23 Aug 2002 09:55:05

Hi everyone,

I have a strange problem that I hope to have an answer here: my 7.2
box suddenly lost all kernel log. I were usig console at that time,
suddenly all kernel logs was redirect to the console (both tty1,

I turn off my computer and turn it on. Since then, /var/log/kernel is
I checked the syslog.conf : it normal and all other log files are

Do any one know that is this problem?



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My system is currently running with RedHat 6.2(gcc 2.95.2) but due to
large network uses I'm required to install a new 2.4.x kernel (tests
show that it handles stress much better).

The question is whether to upgrade only the kernel or a full
distribution. The upgrading itself is not an issue as I have no
problem to start from a clean installation. The issue is the risk
taken in a move to 7.2. The application which runs on the machine,
requires much networking and uses many threads (it's rather heavy). It
was tested and seems to run with Redhat 7.2 (downgrading to gcc

So, why is it worth upgrading to 7.2? Are there any issues in 6.2
which may advise not to stay with it?

Please advise.

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