fdisk v2.11f problems with +16 partitions

fdisk v2.11f problems with +16 partitions

Post by Joao S Vei » Wed, 21 Nov 2001 04:33:29


Has someone else had this problem?

the fdisk binaries on
util-linux-2.11f-11.i386.rpm (RH 7.1 update)
util-linux-2.11f-12.i386.rpm (RH 7.2)
util-linux-2.11f-16.i386.rpm (RawHide?)

cannot deal with more than 16 partitions (no, it's not a SCSI disk!).
When used with an hd that has more than that, it says "Warning:
deleting partitions after 16". (of course you have to have generated
more than 16 partitions with other program or fdisk version, because
this one won't do it).

If you recompile fdisk from the source rpms, the problem does not
happen (fdisk.h defines MAXIMUM_PARTS as 60). I've dasm'ed the
recompiled binary and the original (from the binaries rpms) and indeed
the originals seem to be using 16 as MAXIMUM_PARTS instead of 60.

I've inserted this on bugzilla on 11-14-2001 (bug 56244), but got no
attention yet. I've searched the web for similar reports, and couldn't
find any. I'm starting to wonder if it's just me!