RedHat 8.0 and Canon i850s printer.

RedHat 8.0 and Canon i850s printer.

Post by cdondanvill » Sat, 25 Jan 2003 02:44:02

I just got a new Canon i850s photo printer and cannot find a driver for
it.  It is a share off and XP pro box.  Anyone know of a driver that
works with this printer under RedHat 8?



1. printer driver for canon BJ F870 on Redhat 8.0

There is no BJ F870 in sys setting -> printing.
I try BJ F800 but the result is very poor.I found
bjfilter870-1.9-0i386.rpm on the canon
site( I downloaded it and
install it. What I am suppose to do now?
sys setting-> printing and the command redhat-config-printer-tui both
are telling that the driver is not there.
Thanks for any tips or help.(I already had a look at
without any luck).

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