No owner,group,permissions in Nautilus list view

No owner,group,permissions in Nautilus list view

Post by Yu Lianqi » Mon, 16 Dec 2002 00:27:17

When I switch from the icon view to the list view in Nautilus, the
info of file owner, group and permissions are not shown. I search the
preferences dialog but find no options to add them. Could someone tell
me how to add these items? or this is a design deficiency of Nautilus?

1. Problem viewing Nautilus help in nautilus browser

I open the nautilus home pointing to my home directory. I click on the
Help menu from the menubar. Whether I select Nautilus User Manual,
Nautilus Quick Reference, or Nautilus Release Note. The loading of the
help page crashes. When I type in a URL in the location box, the
webpage also fails to load. My error messages says: The web page view
encountered an error wile starting up. What can I do to fix this?

I'm using RH7.2, mozilla-1.0.0-5.ximian.1, nautilus-1.0.4-43, and


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