setup for multiple swapable linux system

setup for multiple swapable linux system

Post by lotti » Sat, 16 Feb 2002 22:44:14


I have been unable to convince the system to accept that 40G hard disk
hdb. I think the 40G drive has a complex about being the slave disk and
thus not happy that the windows disk is the master. I  am reluctant to
the windows disk as hdb as it will upset the drive lettering and dispite

joys of linux I have to use windowz from time to time.
However the system is happy with the 40b drive as the master on hdc and
coxsist with the Cdrom (hdd) happily.
I have been able to start the RH 7.2 install process on to hdc but in
so I am worried if I do so will there be problems.  I am intending to
put the
caddy containing the exisiting linux (the stable linux os) on to hdb and

it out when I am using the play linux os or can I leave it in place? The

(hdc) will be hard mounted in the system. Currently I have the root file

system (of the stable linux os)on the end of the windowz drive. Should I

the root file system for the play linux os on a partition at the end of
windowz drive too? Or can I get away with the /boot partition there
only. My
fear is what happens if either of the linux os is run will they see two
file systems? There will be still  /boot partitions when the stable
linux os
is running as the but it is only used to load the kernel. What sort of
problems will happen with a multiple personality system?
Would it be possible to let LILO be installed on the MBR and then go
back and
put the stanzas that existed for the stable linux and windowz in ? If I
to use a hint to start Lilo on the second drive what would the hint
(stanza?) look like
Is there any other considerations that I should consider??



1. setup for multiple swapable linux system


I am intending to set up a system so that I have linux in two swapable
drives to be attached to ide1. They will sit in plugin caddys. I am
having it like this so I can plug in one Linux os which will be the
stable system and another which will be for  trying things out. I would
like to have the stable system which boots using lilo on the root fs
which is on the mbr of the first drive ide0 which is win98. When I am to
plug in the  other linux os (after removing the stable linux os) I would
like it to boot but not using lilo on the mbr of the win 98 disk. Should
it do this another way?  or is there a better way?
The 40g drive does not register its true size in the BIOS but linux does
see the correct size; Is this going to be a problem when the system
boots? I think this may well be problem.
I see in the RH7.2 setup dialog box there is only the option of
installing the boot loader on /dev/hda1 First sector of the boot
partition. The drive I would like to use is ide1 which is /dev/hdb. As
the drive is a 40Gb drive: Should I tick the Force use LBA32?
 Also where should the default boot image sit?.
If I am required to set up a /boot partition to accomandate this how big
should it be?

I would be most grateful if you were to answer these questions. They may
well be rather stupid questions but I am  quite confused by the
explanations in the Redhat manuals.

Thank you


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