Can U install Red Hat 6rpm's in Red 7.1 ?

Can U install Red Hat 6rpm's in Red 7.1 ?

Post by joh » Tue, 31 Jul 2001 07:49:13


Can U tell me will R/H 6 rpm's install into R/H 7.1 OS. I was trying
to install XISP, and the only rpm I could find was for R/H 6.

I am getting 2 errors of 'X form >=0.88' and '' are
both needed. Doing 'locate' I can't find either, which seems odd, as
being a later version of R/H , I'd have thought that I would also have
had, later versions of these 2 files.

[ Got kppp sorted out- But I particulary wanted XISP for its facility
to allow SecureID card log-in ]

Any help gratefully received



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Please help!

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