755 userdirs? for ~userdir/public_html?

755 userdirs? for ~userdir/public_html?

Post by NoWhereMa » Sun, 20 Jan 2002 15:35:46

755 userdirs? for ~userdir/public_html?
[on a 7.1 box upgraded to fully patched 7.2]
I expected it to be enough to chmod 755
the public_html subdir to use Apache
mod_usedir.  I'm finding that I also have to
chmod 755 the /home/userdir as well.
Is there another way and if not, can
/etc/defaults/useradd.conf  be set to
make the userdir 755 when the acct
is created?
This box is dedicated to a web design
class where I have to provide some
upload access.  I'm using proftpd to
chroot users into their home dirs.  I
would like to get setting up web upload
access on this box to a single step.

1. Apache: userdirs require 755 rights?

Hello All,

I am trying to get Apache set up on my home Linux Box. I have come to
something that seems odd, and need help in determing where to look for
my problem.

In order for the ~username directories to be "viewable" I have had to
set the rights to the /home/user and /home/user/public_html
directories to 755.

Is this "normal"?  I would prefer to be able to set the rights to 744
or something like that. (My ISP has the user directories set to 700).

I do not want the "users" to be able to exec scripts, etc. except from
the .../httpd/cgi-bin/ directory. So there should not be any
executable files in the users' directories.
What "Options" in the <Directory /home/*/public_html>... </Diectory>
sequence should I be setting for a "plain-vanilla" setup? Currently my
options are "Indexes" only (I think that is the syntax - off the top
of ym head from work).

Thanks in advance,

-tomas (trying to shed my NEWBIE tag)
Tomas Vera

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