Resizing partitions with Partition Magic

Resizing partitions with Partition Magic

Post by Bruce Barbou » Tue, 06 Nov 2001 16:07:44

I was able to resize a partition very easily with Version 7 of the
Partition Magic software.  I have RedHat 7.1 on a second hard drive and
used PM from my C: drive in Windows to carry out the operation.  I had
run out of space and did not know how in Linux to use the free space
left on the drive. At the same time I was able to move the swap
partition as required.  Hope this helps someone with the same problem.

1. Moving/Resizing Linux (ext2) partitions with Partition Magic: It works!

This is a success story - I didn't think it would work, but it did.  I did a
fairly complex set of operations (shrinking the FAT partition, moving the
extended partition, deleting one swap partition - resizing another one, and
moving/resizing the ext2 [Linux boot] partition), all in one Pmagic session,
and it worked just fine.

And here's the thing that's amazing: I did not have to re-run LILO - the
thing just booted up fine.  This totally amazed me, except for the fact that
this was a "LILO in the partition - booted by some other boot manager in the
MBR", rather than a "LILO in the MBR" setup.  So, it appears, Pmagic is
actually smart enough to fix the LILO setup if it is in the partition that
is being resized/moved.

Have I got this all right?  BTW, I've sort of lost my Pmagic documentation;
though in fact, I never really read it anyway - since this is the kind of
program that really should be self-documenting - which I've always found it
to be (translation: I haven't screwed up yet).

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