Download linux redhat via http, not ftp

Download linux redhat via http, not ftp

Post by e_tr.. » Tue, 04 Sep 2001 15:34:58

Hoi guys,

I am looking for a http-server for downloading linus redhat. I am asking this
because our proxy has a donload speedlimit on ftp and not on http.

Greetings from the netherlands,


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 Thanks for helping, First fo all.

  My problem is not the ftp server. It works fine under the command

  However, when I try to access the ftp directory via a browser, nothing
from the ftp directory was listed from on the browser. All I see is
"Current Directory is /".

  I read that when a requested directory does not have a index.html, the
httpd will list all the content of the directory. But nothing

  I tried editing the httpd.conf and added a <Directory> section for
/home/ftp but it does not fix the problem. So I tried adding .htaccess
file under /home/ftp but it also does not work. I concluded that it is
not the problem of httpd. So where is the problem?

  Thanks again for the help.


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