RH 7.2 File system question

RH 7.2 File system question

Post by Chri » Sat, 20 Apr 2002 09:49:23

I have RH 7.2 installed on my Intel 400 system. The machine is setup as
a dual boot machine (W98SE). I set the machine to mount the windows
drives as type fat32. Now, when the machine boots just after the
checking file system lines prints, I get warning message that says fat32
is still alpha. At this point the boot hangs unless I type ctl-C. On my
other Linux RH7.0 machine this doesn't happen and the dos partitions are
mounted and are readily accessable.

Should I have specified the windows/dos partitions as something else?


1. RH 7.2 (i386) - kde 3.0.3 - not starting WM - ksplash: initializing system services

Hi KDE enthusiasts,

  Env: RedHat 7.2 professional (i386), gcc 3.1, qt-3.0.5

  I have been stuck at the same spot since I compiled qt-3.0.5 and
kde-3.0.3. I was able to get all of it installed, however everytime I try
to log into KDE. It only goes as far as KSplash displaying "initializing
system services" and then it stops, and I have a grey background and
no panel, no menu.At this point I cannot even get the desktop menu using
mouse right click on the desktop area and I have to logout using

  When I try getting into KDE using the failsafe session, sometimes I
would get "ksmserver could not be started. please check your
installation." and other times when I remove all the .DCOP .kde and
/tmp/* files it does not give this message however it stops at the same
grey background with no menus/panels.

  Also a lot of KDE applications crash with the KBuildSycoca error, when
I try to execute then from withing Gnome Session.All other window
managers such as WindowMaker, Fvwm, Twm, Mwm, Enlightenment work fine!.

  I have also tried to remove almost all KDE2.2.2 rpms using gnorpm to
ensure that there is no conflict, but nothing seems to work for KDE

  I have also seen similar posts but no one seems to have an answer yet!
and it's gonna be a long wait until RedHat releases KDE 3.0.3 rpms!. I
cannot work with KDE version less than KDE 3.0.3 since I need to use the
later version of "Konqueror" web browser which can handle java-applets
such as from www.topcoder.com

  If anyone has figured anything out on this problem which has been faced
by so many of us, please share your wisdom. Any help or pointers



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