Usb and palm m505

Usb and palm m505

Post by Peter Michael Jense » Tue, 20 Nov 2001 03:33:59

Hi everyone

I have tried many things to get a connection between my RedHat 7.2 and
Palm: coldsync, pilot-link, etc. When I e.g. use the command pilot-xfer
-l (after pressing Hotsync on the cradle) I only get "Press Hot sync
Button", which I already have done. I have linked the ttyUSB1 to
/dev/pilot, /dev/palm, etc. and I have used chmod 666 on all ttyUSBX's.
If I do not press Hotsync on the cradle before pilot-xfer -l the device
is not found, so I think I am pretty close: there is some connection.

All suggestions are more than welcome

Thanks in advance
Peter Michael


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Hi everyone,

I cannot get my m505 to talk to linux. There is some basic recognition of
the USB port and the device attached to it, but no communication between
the palm and the computer whatsoever.

Does anyone have any information to help me solve this?

If it helps, i'd be pleased to dump part of my log files...


Ken Mankoff

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