Portable Storage Suggestions

Portable Storage Suggestions

Post by James Hous » Thu, 25 Jul 2002 03:49:41


I'm looking for suggestions for a portable storage device.

I'd consider anything from a ZipDrive type unit to a CompactFlash card
via USB (there are various devices that do this, such as:
to a real hard-drive, like this:

In fact, I'd prefer the SmartDisk solution, though I cannot find any
information as to whether it will work with linux or not.

All in all, I'm looking for something that's easy to pack back-and-forth
from work/home, that can store *at least* 100MB, preferably 1GB, ideally
10GB+.  Hopefully $250 or less.

Aside from capacity, the main feature I'm looking for is for the device
to actually 'look' like a drive when it's hooked up.  Ideally it can be
hooked-up and un-hooked without a reboot. And most definitely it needs
to work under both Linux (I'm running RH7.3) and Win2k.

Any Suggestions? Experiences?


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I need to have some kind of storage mean,that is an external drive I can
use to copy and browse files. It can be a CD-RW or an Orb, or something
Does anyone know what kind of drive I should buy - I'm using a laptop, and
no scsi!
Thank You

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