Squid's question?

Squid's question?

Post by Alex La » Fri, 19 May 2000 04:00:00

Any particular security risk if I set up a small mail server
with Squid in the same box?

As Squid is already running behind an IP-filtering router on
the DMZ.


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1. squid questions, newbie to squid

I am using firestarter firewall with ipmasqing turned on. all users can
access the internet. I am starting to use squid, and I was under the
impression that if I turned off ipmasqing, users would use the squid cache.
I turned of ipmasqing and noone could access the INET. so I turned it back
on, now they can access it again. so I took the default gateway out of the
network configuration, and directed the browsers to go thru the squid proxy
cache,using the IP address of the squid machine, no access to the INET
again. ok so I put the default gateway back in and they access the inet no
problem. ok next I undo the browser configuration in the browser and all can
still access the internet. so I am confused, do I need ipmasqing turned on
so they can access the internet ? yet I want to make sure that certain
people don't access certain sites, or the internet at all. I have been
reading the FAQ and users manual, but it doesn't talk about wha you need as
in ipmasqing or firewalling stuff, at least I haven't found it yet. thanks

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