no tty at all, well I'll telnet in then...

no tty at all, well I'll telnet in then...

Post by Michael Heusc » Fri, 16 Jun 2000 04:00:00


I'm a bit worried about how it comes there' s no more tty appearing on
my router. Uptime of a week with quite some time online makes me not
being sure if it's me not remembering screwing it up or ...euh, yes ,
the malicious. I can telnet there though (no ssh there yet..). and of
course the mingetty lines are the there in inittab. but my login prompt
won't appear.

Of course I rebooted the machine, plus checked logs as well as I could.
arggh . and my IP is dynamic.

I really would appreciate some suggestions as I don't quite have the
time yet to setup a new small secure install..



1. Changing Serial Nos using 'brand'

Hi all,

I'm involved in using one machine to install SCO unix on hot swappable
disks. In order to do this I need change the serial number of a machine
so that each machine can have a unique ID. The disk will then be
installed on a new machine and the serial number will identify the
machine with the serial ID.

What are the files that need to be "brand"ed in order to change the
serial number/activation key pairing ?
Tried files in /etc/perms plus /etc/perms/bundle to no avail.
Using "uname -X" to see current serial number - is this the correct

I'd appreciate if someone could get back to me on this one ...

Thanks in advance ...

Ray Fallon

Address : Nortel Ireland Ltd.,
Galway, Ireland.

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