Rhosts/shosts for OpenSSH 3.4p1

Rhosts/shosts for OpenSSH 3.4p1

Post by Nico Kadel-Garci » Sun, 03 Nov 2002 21:14:15

I've got a user who wants to be able to have SSH based use of the .rhosts or
.shosts file. I've tried to talk him out of it, but for various reasons he
insists on having it available for several machines behind the firewall.

The problem is that I cannot get it working: I've been examining the various
config files and trying out various combinations. I *think* that all I need
to do is enable:

    RhostsAuthentication yes
    IgnoreRhosts no

in the sshd_config, and set:

        RhostsAuthentication yes

in ssh_config or the local config file. Or am I missing something here? I've
also seen recent rumors of the requirement for OpenSSH 3.4p1 on the server
for group access to the ~/.ssh directory by the "sshd" group. Unfortunately,
this seems difficult to set up since only "sshd" is a member of that group,
and I have to go in and set that as root since the users aren't members of
that group.


1. ssh and .rhosts or .shosts

Hi all,

I installed OpenSSH (openssh-4.0p1-sol8-sparc-local.gz) on Solaris 8.
All work fine (ssh, sftp, scp...etc)

In the same server, i used rsh to execute remote command by using .rhosts. I
will delete rsh and use ssh.

By using SSH, i juste need to execute remote command by using .rhosts or
It's work fine, but the system ask me password. The system seem ignore
.rhosts and .shosts files.

I confirm that rsh no ask me the user password, so the configuration of
.rhosts is good ! and .shosts is "cp -p" of .rhosts.

I tried to modify options on ssh_config (HostbasedAuthentication yes,
IgnoreRhosts no) but it's not work. I olso tried with options
RhostsRSAAuthentification and RhostsAuthentification but the system always
ask me password.

So, i juste need to use ssh to execute command command on remote host
without ask me password. I known, it's not secure but, i need to know how
can i do it.

Any idea ?

Thank You very much for your help

Best Regards

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