5/key or S/key PAM module for SPARC

5/key or S/key PAM module for SPARC

Post by Blake Meik » Sun, 23 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Can anyone point me to s/key or 5/key PAM modules for sparc?  I can find
RPMs for i386, but nothing for my ss10...

Blake Meike


1. mapping sparc keys to x86 keys in cde (sun faq 1543-02)

I am trying to map the F9 key on my x86 keyboard so that it
behaves like the "FRONT" key on my sun R6 keyboard.

There is a FAQ on access1.sun.com, Document ID: 1543-02, which
gives an explanation of how to do it.

I am running Solaris 2.4, with CDE 1.01 installed. When I
follow the directions in the FAQ in the openwin environment,
everything behaves as expected, i.e. the F9 key behaves like
the FRONT key.

However, when I use CDE, the F9 key (indeed, none of the other
remapped keys) fails to behave like the FRONT key. When
I run xev (in /usr/openwin/demo), I notice that there's nothing
different about the keycodes in the openwin and cde environments -
F9 is always keycode 127 (keysym 0xffcc), so I don't really
understand why the FAQ doesn't work under CDE too.

Can anyone help me with this world-shattering problem?

is all.
Mike O'Connor
Optical Image Processing Lab, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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