command that gives info on dhcp servers etc?

command that gives info on dhcp servers etc?

Post by Richard Kimbe » Wed, 25 Apr 2001 04:12:04

One problem is sorting out security threats from normal activity.  Is there
a command that tells me the IP addresses of all the servers that I need to
contact?  I'm told that the equivalent windows command is
ipconfig -all

- Richard.
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Hi folks,

        I'm setting up a linux ppp server.  So far, I've had pppd supply
a fixed IP address to the remote machine (running Win95), and everything's
been hunky-dory.  Now I'd like to make use of our local DHCP server (an NT
server, if that makes any difference) to generate an IP address.  How do
I do this?

        So far I've tried telling the Win95 machine to use DHCP to get its
IP address, and taken out the n.n.n.n:n.n.n.n line from my .ppprc file.  When
I try to connect, the Win95 machine generates a message saying that it
failed to negotiate a network connection with the server.

        Here's my current .ppprc:


What else do I need?  By the way, I'm running pppd 2.2.0e and linux kernel
version 1.3.71, with IP forwarding and PPP support enabled in the kernel.
All suggestions appreciated.

                                        Thanks in advance,
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