ssh proxy

ssh proxy

Post by Tim Mui » Sun, 16 Apr 2000 04:00:00

At my Uni, they are really security conscious. When I went to install my
linux machine there, they wanted me to run tripwire, tcp wrappers - and
also listed a whole lot of services I wasn't allowed to run.
The main one is sshd. So I installed sshd on the box - and have since
discovered that the Uni only has a proxy for telnet and ftp connections
which essentially makes the box useless to me (as I need ssh access to
hosts outside the firewall for my honours project)!

I spoke to sysadmin about it, and they told me that they could not find a
suitable ssh proxy for their needs and that the only ones that they knew
of provided a 1..N mapping (?) of hosts - and they required an N..N
mapping. Has anyone ever found a reliable ssh proxy server ?

Any further information would be greatly appreciated.


Timothy Muir


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In order to ssh to the remote host, I have to telnet to the proxy, and
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connect <remote host> 22

How can I automate this?

I need ssh to first telnet to the proxy (normal telnet mode), issue the
connect command, and then switch to ssh negotiation.

Any hints?

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