New network intrusion detection system for Linux (GPL)

New network intrusion detection system for Linux (GPL)

Post by Gianni Tedesc » Thu, 28 Jun 2001 05:44:58


This is perhaps a bit OT, or blatent p1mp4ge....

Just to let you know about a new NIDS for Linux, its called firestorm,
you can check it out at
It boasts a very flexible plugin-based architecture and is pretty similar
to snort in terms of functionality (some things it does better, a few
things it doesn't do). The latest version is 0.1.6.

Significant features:
* Multi-threaded capture from libpcap live capture, tcpdump files, and
linux firewall netlink (ala fwmon).
* Plugin-based architecture
* Snort ruleset support
* Efficient, small codebase (~5,000 lines of C)

Anyway, you can read the docs for yourselves if you're interested ;)

I'm basically looking for comments, opinions and of course people to help
testing/writing/documenting it.



Zwei erdnusse gingen hinunter die strasse.
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1. new Project : Intrusion Detection System

we are working on a graduation project titled
"neural network based intrusion detection system"

we are basicly trying to create a system with human like skills for pattern
recognition , to supplement the widely available "rule-based IDS"
we will probably be building a hybrid between network based and host based
IDS, and we will be training our network to detect patterns that may seem
malicious or suspicious

I would really appreciate any help in pointing me to links, articles, or
previous projects
that could be relevant to our topic

also I would welcome any feedback from anybody who is interested in such a

Best Regards
Hussam Mousa

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