Free Firewall

Free Firewall

Post by Father Peter Dari » Thu, 25 Jan 2001 08:26:40

Hello ;-)

I would like to invite everyone to take a look at this free, flexable,
and poerful firewall.  The source code in included and it is licensed
under GPL.

Join us at the below address:


Go to the files section if you are interested in downloading the source.
Thank you.


1. Free firewall?


I'm looking into setting up a firewall for our network since we'll be
getting a dedicated connection to the Internet.  Since my company is a
non-profit organization, we don't want to sink $10-$20K into something.
Is there any "free" firewall software out there that would run under
FreeBSD or Linux?  And if so, does the "you get what you pay for" factor
weigh heavily with this free firewall?  Also, can you point me towards
any good references on UNIX-based firewalls?  I'd like to learn more
about this subject.

Thanks in advance!


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