encrypted filesystems and machine crashes

encrypted filesystems and machine crashes

Post by Jonathan H N Ch » Thu, 10 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Where might one find documentation on the effect of machine crashes
on recoverability of data from encrypted filesystems of various sorts?

I could make an uneducated guess, but hard fact would be preferable.

Of particular interest to me are ppdd, linux kerneli crypto loop
devices, and Matt Blaze's CFS.



1. fsck of encrypted filesystems

Is there any way to fsck an encrypted partition? So far I haven't found
it, but I'd think maybe a loopback layer could be used on fsck the same
way that it is used to mount an encrypted system. As a related question,
do any of the newer journaling filesystems, such as ext3 or reiserfs,
allow encryption, or is the current code limited to ext2?


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