Serwer totally crashed, help please

Serwer totally crashed, help please

Post by WM » Wed, 23 Apr 2003 18:49:18

If somebody can help. Strange and terrible situation.
I have 2 servers.
First - Mandrake 8.1 - acts as firewall and backup of some data (by rsync
from second) (IP static)
Second - RedHat 8.2 - database server.

First a few days before starts to say (in samba log) that something in smbd
is wrong, PANIC etc.
When I try to log in as root, it don't ask me about pass. Other users works.
So. I reboot serwer.
It was the end. Server hangs in different places, not depend on how it is
booting (single, failsafe etc)

And the end of this story.
I connect Second serwer to Internet, After next reboot (at night - it
usually reboots every night)
server crashed in the same way. It was after few hours.

Before that situation both servers works few months without any problem.
I can go into, to see logs, nothing (for me) find. In both, there is no
databases and software. Few folders are gone.
And system can't boot normally.

My BIG problem is - how to protect in future, what happens??
Maybe someone can help? Please.



Serwer totally crashed, help please

Post by WM » Thu, 24 Apr 2003 04:12:03

My solution - that was viruses. Only thing I find, was few viruses, sa I
think, that it was problem.
Other thing, how can it do so big damages in Linux.


Serwer totally crashed, help please

Post by Michael Heimin » Thu, 24 Apr 2003 07:48:35

> My solution - that was viruses. Only thing I find, was few viruses, sa I
> think, that it was problem.
> Other thing, how can it do so big damages in Linux.

Sure viruses. Looks like just another M$ OE idiot, if you ask me.

Michael Heiming

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1. Please help with this problem, we have totally run out of ideas ...

We have been having lots of terminal problems with a customers
machine. The machine spec is as follows :-

Standard no-name ISA PC architecture,
486DX 100Mhz
16Mb Ram
Specialix SI with 24 ports (3 TA banks of 8) using Int 12 and mem
    address D0000
Adaptec 1542CF SCSI interface card using Int 11 and mem address CC000
Connor 1GB SCSI HD at SCSI ID 0.
Archive Viper Tape Streamer at SCSI ID 2.

Most terminals are PROCOMM for Windows and a few old Altos 4's.

The only software being used is Dataflex 2.3b and a fax package called

What is happening is that a terminal will "lock". The processes
running on the port cannot be killed. During this, any user already
logged in can use the system as normal (and at normal speed). But no
other user can log in. They are prevented by the system never
processing the login, it always times-out. At this point the system
must be shut down to recover.
This is where is get really bad. Even though the system is shut down
properly (ie using "shutdown" with all users logged out) the system
has big problems with the harddisk, always finding problems during the
file system check.

What we have done so far to try to fix this is as follows :-

First we thought that there was a memory conflict between the Adaptec
SCSI and the Specialix SI. Originally we had them installed at mem
addresses D8000 and D0000 repectively. We then changed them to D8000
and C8000 repectively. We now have them as CC000 and D0000 as stated

We have also changed just about all of the hardware at one time or
another. This includes two Hard Discs, two system psu's, three
Specialix cards, two SCSI cards (one a 1542CP), two multi IO cards,
two VGA cards. The only pieces of hardware we haven't changed yet are
the RAM and 16 of the 24 ports (We have swapped 1 TA).

I have spoken to Specialix about this problem they could only suggest
memory locations. It was at their request that we moved the Specialix
back to its default location at D0000.

The terminal that locks first always seems to be running VSI-FAX at
the time.

We have virtually run out of ideas and have all but lost customer
confidence, can anyone shed any light on any of the above !!!!

Thanks in advance,


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